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Microtek Hybrid Inverter

A Moralistic and Materialistic way to Regenerate Electic Light with Microtek Hybrid Inverter

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. – Bible

Microtek Hybrid Inverter comes with its motive to let there be light to light every life on planet earth. Just like the almighty created the notion of day and associated it with light and the notion of night and associated it with darkness. Man invented certain ways to ensure that human life receives immense light through a natural yet technical method. All thanks to the man-made hybrid inverter or smart grid inverter which serves to be a perfect blend of nature (natural resources) and nurture (material resources) and positively utilizes the solar or renewable energy to generate electricity.

Microtek Hybrid inverters are designed to fight the feeling of light has gone and light house every residential or commercial building space. Microtek makes sure that no innocent kid, no hardworking professional and no elder citizen gets lost in the darkness.

Microtek is one of the leading UPS brands. It is one of the largest elephant sized manufacturers of power appliances providing excellent products for everyday essential use like offline UPS, online UPS, TPZi wave inverter, and solar inverter, sine wave inverter and solar inverter. Microtek also offers long-life batteries for Okaya inverter. It started manufacturing e-rickshaw batteries to support the growth of e-vehicles. Microtek has formed its successful web of providing 355 service links and 150 contact services spread across India.


  • SIX VISUAL TEACHER-LIKE INDICATORS: To keep a stern check on the performance of the inverter, Microtek comes up with six teacher-like indicators on the LED display to red-mark any flaws and faults. It gives an updated notification to the user regarding the low battery, blown fuse, mains on and overload.
  • A STATIC BYPASS FEATURE TO MONITOR UNNECESSARY POWER CUTS: Latest Max series comes with highly advanced static bypass feature. So it there is some internal trouble and the teacher like Microtek inverter stops working, then static bypass acts as a class monitor. It independently bypasses mains and works the load without taking any external help from the battery for the supply of power assistance.
  • GROW GREEN WITH DSC TECHNOLOGY: Inverters which contain the ability of power conversion from DC (Direct Current) to AC (Alternating current) are designed to breathe life within different voltage ranges and topologies. Beside, the mere capability to convert DC to AC, modern Microtek inverters assures to perform and outperform with its additional features like power maximization, battery charging and protecting the circuitry.

But these varied variations need a support system to effectively regulate its healthy functioning. Digital signal controller (DSC) inverters from JM series comes as a backbone to hold the real-time signal processing in the inverters.

DSCs used in Microtek models help inverters to perform in a more efficient and cost-effective manner and meet the energy needs on mother earth in eco-friendly manner.

  • TO RECHARGE SOLAR UPS BATTERY WITH PWM TECHNOLOGY: At, Microtek we understand how difficult, irritating and time-consuming it becomes to charge a UPS Solar based inverter. Microtek actively presents the usage of Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) which helps in achieving a constant battery charging by switching on the solar system controller’s power devices skillfully.

Some extra-benefits of using PWM technology in the UPS includes:

  1. Battery regenerator
  2. High-charge acceptance
  3. Recovers the lost battery capacity
  4. Maintains high battery capacity
  5. Effectively regulates even during voltage and temperature fluctuation.

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