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Digital Voltage Stabilizers: The electronics for today

Digital Voltage Stabilizers: The electronics for today

Let the team of Microtek do what we can for your complete electrical services. If you are looking for Automatic Voltage Stabilizers that are based on Save Power Technology and has many Unique Features. Well then you have reached the right place, power saver technology enables them to give High Performance, Better Reliability and Save […]

Situations That Indicate You Need a Solar UPS At Home

Producing electricity with solar power at home is no more a myth, as solar technology has received a new development. Nevertheless, not all houses require domestic solar power production. The following situations indicate your home is suitable for this type of power production. So, by learning these situations, you can choose whether you must go […]

Protect Your Appliance and Reduce Power Fluctuations through a Microtek Voltage Stabilizer

With the technological advancement in the entire globe, many wondrous devices have been invented. These devices include articles like air conditioner, laptop, desktop computer, refrigerator and so on. These devices provide comfort and help in carrying on daily activities by ease. On one hand, these devices offer luxurious life but on the other hand they […]

Microtek UPS– The Leading UPS in India

As the technology has become so advanced now, the track of life has also changed itself. Previously people needed to wait for 3-4 long hours for the light to come. But now with the advancement of technology time has been changed. Now nobody needs to wait for so long. Science has found a solution named […]