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Right Power Backup Solution

Choosing the Right Power Backup Solution

In the present day scenario when we have already become completely dependent on power for most of our needs including that of air conditioning to a mixer grinder, power backup is imperative. It is important that one chooses the power backup solution carefully. There are a number of factors to look into before arriving at a solution. Here are some of the vital issues to probe before you decide –

Backup Capacity: One has to first decide what kind of backup is actually required. One has to think if the backup is for heavy power consuming appliances air conditioners, water pumps, refrigerator etc or for appliances with minimal power ratings like LED bulbs, fans etc. There are options available for different requirements like the Jumbo UPS or a diesel-based generator for heavy consumption, or lower power rating UPS lower load. A mismatch between priority and power backup solution may result in the waste of money.

Backup Duration: Knowing the duration of backup required, usually estimated from daily power supply pattern, helps one to choose the right power backup solution. For instance, if the power supply fails frequently but for short time intervals, then one has to resort to a power backup which recharges fast. Or, if the power usually fails for longer periods then one has to install a backup with a high Ampere-Hour rating.

Centralized or Distributed: One also has to decide if a centralized backup is required or distributed backup will serve the purpose. A centralized backup is usually located away from most of the appliances. One important factor that is to be considered is the availability of space to install the power backup source. The centralized backup unit requires on large space at one place whereas distributed backup needs small areas but at many places.

Availability of Service: While choosing a power backup solution, one must ensure that the company provides maintenance of the power backup at a nearby station, if not at the doorstep. This is not an issue if you are residing in a large city as almost all the companies provide doorstep services in large cities. But if you are living in a remote place, only some selected companies will have service station near your location.

Technology: Many present-day power back solutions incorporate the latest technological advances to ensure lowest possible power consumption, reduce overheating, and managing power. Some even include LCD displays indicating where and when maximum backup power is consumed. Furthermore, new battery charging technologies like multi-stage charging or pure sinewave technologies included in a UPS enhances battery life. One should compare the features amongst different options available in the market, before buying the power backup solution.

Safety: Safety and security is the foremost thing to be considered before buying any appliance, be it electrical or not. In fact, electrical appliances are most prone to safety hazards as they store large energy and deliver in a split second. One, therefore, must make sure that the power backup solution comes with a modern safety circuit breaker

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