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  • ACCURATE & RELIABLE RESULTS: Accurately determines Saturation of Human Hemoglobin (SpO2), Pulse Rate (PR) and Pulse Strength. Designed for families, clinics, and oxygen bars for monitoring oxygen & pulse readings.
  • QUICK & EASY RESULTS: Using this device is as simple as pressing a button. It displays results in less than 3 seconds and uses patented digital technology to show results in four different directions with a simple press of button.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL: Its finger chamber is wide enough to accommodate big size fingers.It can be used on children with weight more than 30kgs. It can be used by bikers, mountain climbers, skiers, and other sports lovers.
  • DUAL COLOR OLED DISPLAY: It has colored multi-directional OLED display which shows clear and bright results every time. The display is easy to read in dark, inside room or outdoor in bright sunlight.

Weight 0.032kg
Dimensions (L W H) 6x4x3.1

Frequently Asked Questions

A pulse oximeter is a non-invasive test that quantifies the oxygen saturation level in your blood.
This device can quickly sense even the minute change in oxygen levels. The corresponding levels depict how proficiently blood is transporting oxygen to the extremities furthest from your heart, encompassing your legs and arms.
The design is small, clip-like for portability. It is easy to attach to a body part, most frequently to a finger. Usually, medical professionals use them in certain critical care settings like hospitals or emergency rooms. Also, pulmonologists may use pulse oximeters in office settings.

When you determine to purchase an oximeter online, you need to precisely know the oxygen meter price. Microtek FINGER PULSE OXIMETER SKU: 899-MH0-0001 is the best oximeter in India. It always provides reliable and accurate results. You can use it to precisely determine the saturation of pulse rate (PR), human hemoglobin (SpO2), and pulse strength. For monitoring pulse and oxygen readings, oximeters are quite useful. They are exclusively designed for clinics, families, and oxygen bars.

With the colored OLED display, you can always see bright results with accuracy. The display is always easy to read even in a dark or outdoor setting.

Pulse oximetry is quite beneficial for supervising oxygen saturation at a specific time. You can look at the pulse oximeter price in India to end up with the best choice. When worn, these devices provide constant monitoring of fluctuations in oxygen saturation.

When used at home, a pulse oximeter guarantees peace of mind for cardiovascular and chronic respiratory patients. For sleep apnea, this type of device is useful. Moreover, it assists patients with asthma and other chronic conditions in determining the efficiency of breathing interventions which they have been prescribed.

It is important to know the price of pulse oximeter online to end with the best choice. Usually, its price in India varies from INR 750 to 2000. Such devices assist you in accurately monitoring the hemoglobin’s oxygen saturation in the arterial blood non-invasively. Measurement of oxygen saturation is as vital as measuring the pulse rate. Therefore, pulse oximeters are cost-effective instruments that properly determine oxygen flow. Based on the principle of photodetection, these devices emit infrared rays to sense the oxygen saturation in your blood. Microtek presents smart pulse oximeters allowing you to track oxygen saturation precisely.

When discussing the Finger Pulse Oximeter, the middle finger of the right hand is the best one to consider. Using this finger make sure to remove any nail polish. Keep in mind not to use cold fingers because readings may not be current. Also, it can be attached to the toes or ear lobes.

Similar to a thermometer reading temperature, a pulse oximeter can be attached to your finger. So, it precisely reads your heart rate and blood oxygen levels.

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