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High Capacity UPS

High Capacity Jumbo UPS

Nothing can be me more disturbing than power failure and it adds to the woe if the load shredding is for long hours. Conventional backup devices usually run the low wattage appliance and back up for a few hours. Now Microtek has come out with a Jumbo UPS to get almost all your electrical appliances get running for many hours. The UPS is jumbo in the real sense that you even will not at all feel the transition from the power supply to UPS backup and vice versa. Gone are the days of limited backup, gone are the days of freedom with many strings attached.

With this jumbo UPS, all your cooling devices will keep operating even when your electricity board fails you for hours at a stretch. The jumbo UPS series from Microtek offers you a number of models to choose from to meet your electrical usage needs. The high current output of the UPS series with an enviable stable output voltage will ensure the smoothest functioning of your electrical devices.

The TZPi Wave technology of Microtek’s jumbo UPS series makes sure that proper sinusoidal output is delivered to your appliances in addition to ensuring smooth charging of the battery. Moreover, the UPS comes with Pure Sine Wave Output microcontroller. The higher output capacity is also secured by the smart Overload sense of the Microtek jumbo UPS. To guarantee a safe and secured home, the UPS includes the all-important Short Circuit Protection device.

The UPS series is manufactured in state of art automating manufacturing units equipped with most advanced technology. The final products, the UPS, are the finest quality available on the market. Microtek boosts a very strong yet ever growing infrastructural National Network which is presently backed by 355 Service Points, 150 Service Centers and 62060 Distributors and Dealers spread all across India. With its vast network of well-equipped Customer Care Centers and the innovative scheme of services, it has won the confidence of Customers all across India. Be sure to get the best services for your Microtek jumbo UPS anywhere in India.

The jumbo UPS series from Microtek is sure to reduce your electricity bill too, through its Intelli Power Saving Technology. This aspect is all more pivotal for high power output UPS as a small percentage of power saving translates to a big number in terms of actual units of power consumed. Microtek’s jumbo UPS series is here to provide you truly uninterrupted power to all your devices with minimum possible actual power consumption.

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