Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB)

Microtek Miniature Circuit Breakers are the solution to the ever-changing need of electrical distribution in different sectors like residential, commercial and industrial. They are designed to provide improved operational safety, better continuity of service, lower operating cost, and greater convenience.


  • State of the art design
  • Contact Indicator Window
  • Dual Position Clamp
  • Exceptional Endurance
  • Breaking Capacity
  • Trip-Free Mechanism
  • Bi Connect Terminals
  • Energy Limiting Class IIII
  • Air Flow Channel
  • ISI / CE Marking
  • Protection IP-20
  • Specially Designed Arc Chamber

6A to 63A – ‘C’ Curve

Single Pole (SP)

Single Pole & Neutral (SPN)

Double Pole (DP)

Three Pole (TP)

Three Pole & Neutral (TPN)

Four Pole (FP)

IS / IEC 60898 – 1

microtek mcb


Microtek Isolators are high grade switch disconnectors used generally at both ends of circuit breaker. They make, carry, and break currents under normal circuit conditions including overload or specific abnormal circuit conditions such as short circuit for a specified time.


  • State-of-the-art-Design
  • Bi Connect Terminals
  • Dual Position Clamp
  • Exceptional Endurance
  • Protection IP-20
  • Air Flow Channel
  • Contact Indication Window

40A ,63A, 100A

Double Pole (DP)
Three Pole (TP)
Four Pole (FP)

IS/IEC 60947-3

Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB)

Microtek RCCB is one of our safety solution designed to protect the consumers from fatal electric shocks and prevent fire caused by earth faults. The RCCB is a mechanical switching device that carries and breaks current under normal service conditions and to causes the opening of the contacts when the leakage current attains a given value under specified conditions. The high quality insulation and wires adds to the safety of consumer.


  • Type AC
  • Simple and robust operating mechanism
  • On/Off Printing on Knob for contact position indication.
  • Dual Termination of Bus Bar as well as cable connection
  • Advance neutral
  • Trip Indication Window
  • Protection IP-20
  • Superior Sensitivity and Rapid Operating Mechanism
  • Test Button ‘T’
  • Bi Connect Terminals

25A, 40A, 63A

30mA, 100mA, 300mA

Double Pole (DP)
Four Pole (FP)

IS 12640-1

EN/IEC 61008-1

Distribution Board Microtek

Distribution Board

Microtek Distribution Boards are designed keeping in mind the perfomance and the looks. They ensure that current is properly distributed to all the devices allowing proper functioning.
Microtek Distribution Board are aesthetically elegant and blend in with walls. They make for a perfect fit for circuitry in homes, offices or any other place.


  • Modern Design
  • Box insertion Marks
  • Durable Sliding Knob
  • Key Type Mounting Holes
  • Circuit Identification Labels
  • Detachable Gland Plates
  • Removable Inner Shield
  • Removable Pan Assembly
  • Cement Spill Protector
  • Door Earthing

SPN, TPN, VTPN, Consumer DB, Metal, Plastic Encl.


Single door | Double Door

IS 13032 | IS 8623


MCBs are electro-mechanically operated automatic circuit protection devices which are used to protect an electrical circuit from an over-current caused by overload or short circuit.

The miniature circuit breaker is a protection device that prevents damage to an equipment /circuit on the event of an overload or short circuit faults. During overload and short circuits excessive current flows to the load that may damage the equipment. Miniature circuit breakers sense such excessive currents and disconnect the load from the source, thus preventing greater damages to the circuit/appliances.

A MCB trips when any overcurrent flows through the connected circuits, it may be due to overload or short circuit. Higher the intensity of fault quicker shall be the MCB action.

No, You will need RCCB (Residual current circuit breaker) since it is especially meant to protect against electric shock hazards to humans. MCB is mainly used to protect your device from an overload current in case of some internal short circuit fault in your device.

Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) is a differential current sensing device used to protect a low voltage circuit in case of a leakage fault. It is sometimes also known as Residual Current Device (RCD). It contains a switch device that switches off (in a fraction of a second), whenever the current leaks out and does not return back through neutral. The RCCB provides protection from small current leakage arising due to accidental touch by human being or insulation failure, which is not possible by MCB or fuse alone.

The miniature circuit breaker is a protection device that prevents damage to an equipment /circuit on the event of an overload or short circuit faults. Residual current circuit breakers are devices that protect against electric shock. It senses earth leakages and residual currents and ensures protection against electric shock. RCCBs do not have overload and short circuit protection features built-in. Isolators are devices used to isolate a circuit or equipment from the power supply, they do not offer any kind of protection to the circuit or device.