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The idea of human survival revolves around a basic formula of Convention and Invention. Convention includes all the natural gifts that mother earth has selflessly blessed us with. Invention includes all the things that were made by man using his or her intellectual capabilities. To bring in more sustainability, nature and science is taking baby steps to walk towards a moralistic and materialistic growth of life.

Our modern needs demand more power which has lead to the problems of load shedding or power failure has become a cause of serious concern. Due to this the genius idea to go yellow to go green bounces in our mind. People started using to take a generous help from the Sun God (Solar Energy) to spread its power to achieve ecologically healthy life. Sun alone has enough power to emit energy for 30 billion years by the process of fusion of four Hydrogen nuclei to form one Helium nuclei through the Carbon cycle. It just requires pushing out innovative technology to harness the sun energy in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

To obtain Sun’s energy one needs to just convert solar energy into electrical energy. This process is completed by using a solar panel which catwalks on the principle of photovoltaic cells. The solar panels are shielded with glass plates which are equipped with reflectors to attract maximum power received. The sun shines only during the daytime. So, the energy harnessed has to be stored in batteries or added to the grid through the process of Net Metering.

Market is flooded with so many solar product providers. Microtek is the sole provider known for its great reputation. They have a tremendous range of products for solar power harnessing and distribution to the appliances. Microtek provides its solar power services for both commercial and residential use.


  • SOLAR PV MODULE: Solar PV Module is the key weapon that converts sun energy into solar power. Microtek’s Solar PV Modules comes with an assurance of 100% power tolerance, Advance IP67/IP68 Junction Box for lasting weather endurance, EVA Encapsulation and Anti Reflection Costing to ensure good health of the Module. These go-green modules are based on innovative semiconductor technology to ensure high conversion efficiency. They are perfect for both On and Off-Grid Application.
  • SOLAR GRID TIED SYSTEM: It assists in transmitting enough electricity from Solar panel to Utility Grid if Net Metering is in active state. Microtek’s M-Sun Solar Grid Tied System comes in multiple capacities ranging from 1KW to 10 KW. It’s M-Sun Solar Bi-directional Hybrid System also enables Net Metering by coming in direct contact with the grid and additionally helps to store energy in a battery.
  • SOLAR MANAGEMENT UNIT: They are usually micro-controller based high-efficiency devices mostly suitable for low power applications. The micro-controller automatically detects the battery full-charge voltage. It puts it on and off the charger during the time when the battery is low or full.
  • SOLAR UNINTERRUPTED POWER SUPPLY: Solar UPS commits uninterrupted power by using solar power to charge the battery. They are entrusted with in-built 30 Amp Smart Solar Charge Controller.
  • SOLAR UNIDIRECTIONAL HYBRID UPS: It comes with a unique function that if there is an excess amount of Solar Energy Generation from PV then it effectively utilizes it to charge the Battery and simultaneously it supplies the power to the Load.

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