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Automatic Voltage Stabilizers

Power your life with young and energetic microtek voltage stabilizer

Empower everyday life with more power to your home appliances.

There is a presence of force or power which regulates the movement of every living and non-living being. Human body needs energy to perform every day to day activity. Have you ever wondered that from where every non-living object draws energy? Every electrical appliance comes to life with voltage. A volt is like a heart beat which pumps and pushes current around electric circuit.  Voltage is a pushing force which has to be regulated otherwise it might cause a life-threatening heart attack to innocent appliances. Therefore, it becomes necessary to install a voltage stabilizer.

Microtek-India’s no.1 choice and award-winning brand has recently launched its Energy efficient range of Automatic Voltage Stabilizer. Microtek Automatic Voltage Stabilizers work hard to build itself on a basic motive to “save more and waste less energy.” Microtek Voltage Stabilizer has the power features to make any electric box perform out of the box and give a mind-blowing stage performance.

Voltage Stabilizer ensures to:

  • Act more durable.
  • Behaves like a true and reliable friend.
  • It helps to save electricity.

Microtek Voltage stabilizer comes up with multiple range of voltage like chargers to help boost life in appliances such as Air Conditioners, Television,Refrigerator and Mainline. A voltage stabilizer acts like a guardian to provide required nourishment to daily care objects.

It is important to note that these products are manufactured in State-of-the-Art Automatic Manufacturing Plants well furnished with Hi-Tech Machines in India.Some of the smart machines are SMT, ICT and Automatic Assembly Lines etc.


  • MAINTAIN THE COOL HEALTH OF YOUR AC WITH MICROTEK AC STABILIZER: If you plan to “hang-in” and “chill-in” then you need to be sure that your air conditioner maintains the cool temperature in hot and humid weather condition. Microtek’s A.C. Voltage Stabilizer is designed to deliver a rocking performance and ensures not to burn a hole in your pocket. Microtek Energy Efficient Digital Voltage Stabilizer acts as a shield against major and minor diseases like Voltage fluctuations that can make your air conditioner fall ill. All Microtek Stabilizers makes sure to bring some stability in your life. It stabilizes to Save More Power, to make your jaw-drop with its High performance and a reliable friend in the severe condition of Power Cuts and Voltage Fluctuations.
  • IT HELPS TO PLACE CENTER ATTENTION TO THE MAINS WITH MICROTEK MAINS STABILIZER: Mains that is responsible to maintain the over-all health of all power-current appliances. Microtek Mains Stabilizer extends its helping hand to solve problem of current overload and sudden spikes within few seconds. We are in digital word. It ensures to keep up the grand-brand name of Microtek and gives its best performance. It is reliable during the urgent and serious situation of power cuts and fluctuations in voltage. Also, it gets installed in a super-fast and time-conserving manner.
  • GET A CLEAR BRIGHT AND HD VIEW WITH LED TV STABILIZERS: In this busy-bee world where we have to constantly and consistently work hard to deliver our best performance. Therefore, the need to relax and engage in some sort of leisure activity becomes necessary to maintain concentration level at work. Microtek offers you the best range of TV/HOME THEATER Voltage Stabilizer so that you derive the best entertainment from home the at re with your family members. LED TV stabilizer works to protect the sudden power outburst and surge. Microtek LED Stabilizer comes up with primary switch technology. It correctly commands your output voltage without making it suffer any setback or draw back.
  •  KEEP UP THE HEALTH OF HEALTHY FOOD WITH MICROTEK REFRIGERATOR STABILIZERS: Microtek comes up with its healthy Refrigerator Stabilizers that are solely built on Save Power Technology. Microtek does its best to safeguard the general health of our appliance from the monstrous fluctuations. A Voltage Stabilizer comes as a Super Man to maintain the normal functioning of refrigerator.

A Voltage stabilizer is a necessary fuel to safely charge up more health and life to your electric devices. Go and grab them at Microtek because technology is what we have to love to live for and by it.

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