Microtek EML-5090

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Microtek Energy Efficient Automatic Voltage Stabilizers provide Protection against Voltage Fluctuations.

All Microtek Stabilizers are based on Save Power Technology to give High Performance, Better Reliability during frequent Power Cuts and Voltage Fluctuations.

Weight – 18.900kg

Dimensions (L W H) – 457x375x217

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After installing Mainline Stabilizer, there is no need to install separate Stabilizer for Air Conditioner, Television, Refrigerator, etc. It has a separate MCB for bypassing the unit if required.

Model EML 5090
Used For Stable Voltage for Home during Voltage fluctuations
Input Power Range 90 V – 300 V
Digital Display Yes
Under Voltage Protection Yes
Over Voltage Protection Yes
Color Metallic Grey
Warranty 2 Years
Warranty Type On Site Warranty

Digital Display It comes with an advanced Seven Segment Digital Display that indicates Input Voltage coming from the Grid and after pressing the Press Button it will indicate the Output Voltage coming from the Stabilizer.

Auto Start The Unit woks automatically without any manual intervention. It automatically Steps Up and Steps Down Output Voltage according to A.C. Input Voltage to keep connected Appliance safe.

Low & High Cut Off When the Input Voltage range goes beyond 90 V & 300 V, it automatically cuts the Grid Supply so that there is no harm to the Appliances.

MCB Protection The Mainline Stabilizer comes with MCB; it keeps Home Appliances safe during Spike in Currents.

Hassle Free Service Microtek is the only Indian Brand that provides Onsite Warranty. I.e. if you face any problem in your Stabilizer, you call us at Toll Free Number; your Product will get Service in 24-48 Hours.



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Weight 18.900 kg


Dimensions (L W H)


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