Microtek SMU-1012

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Microtek’s, micro-controller based high-efficiency SMU (Solar management unit) is best suited for low-power applications. The micro-controller in Microtek Solar Management Unit, senses the battery full-charge voltage and it cuts off the battery from charging, when it reached full charge status. It reconnects the battery if the battery charge drops to a preset level.

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Microtek SMU also disconnects the solar panel from the battery to avoid the reverse current flow from the battery to Panel during night. This product has been specially designed to upgrade any conventional Ext. Battery UPS/ Inverter in to Solar Ext. Battery UPS/ Inverter with setting of first priority given to Solar while charging. The charger has been programmed to connect and disconnect the AC mains to the EXT. Battery UPS/Inverter depending upon the battery voltage levels to ensure use of solar as primary power and mains only for the emergency.


  • Make the connections as shown in the above diagram.
  • IMPORTANT : Panel & Battery connections must be connected with correct polarity.
  • Keep the front panel switch in 'NORMAL' position.
  • ENSURE Battery / Battery Bank Voltage are as recommended.


  • Wrong connections to panel or to the battery may damage the unit.
  • Open circuit Voltage or panel capacity exceeding the limit will damage the unit.
  • Don't use battery of different types / make while making parallel or series combination.

Technical Specifications

Max . Solar open circuit Voltage (VOC) 22V
Max. Solar Panel Capacity 120Wp
Max. Battery charging current 10A
Peak Charger Efficiency 99%
Systems Voltage (V) 12VDC
Battery Full Voltage ( solar charging ) 14.5±0.2V
Battery Voltage (mains disconnect) 14.0±0.2V
Battery Voltage (mains reconnect) 11.5±0.2V
Recommended Battery Capacity 150AH & above
LED Indications
Solar Charging , Panel Reverse , Battery Reverse , Output ON
Terminal Block : for Solar Panel & Battery Connections
Mains In : 1mm2 Power Cord with 16A molded Plug.
Mains Out : 15A Power Outlet.
Front Panel Switch
Normal : Default position , Solar charging & mains control.
BYPASS : Solar Charging & Mains Bypass.
Mains Out : 15A Power Outlet.


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