Microtek UPS JM SW 2500/24V

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Microtek UPS JM SW is Jumbo Sinewave High Capacity Series Models with Intelli Pure Sinewave Technology which ensures Noiseless, Safe and Efficient Performance.

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It is Static UPS with LCD Display. Pure Sinewave Output. Micro Processor Based PWM Technology using Hi-Grade Mosfets. Advanced Battery Management (ABM) for Longer Battery Life & Quick Changing.

Rated Capacity 2.2 KVA
Output Power 1760 Watts
Battery 2 Battery System (24 VDC)
Waveform Pure Sinewave
Warranty 2 Years

Key features

  • Micro Processor based PWM Technology using Hi-Grade Mosfets.Pure Sinewave UPS.
  • Static UPS with LCD Display.Pure Sinewave Output.
  • Advanced Battery Management (ABM) for Longer Battery Life & Quick Charging.
  • Smart Overload Sense, Short Circuit and Over Temperature Protection.
  • Safely suited to run Computers & Other IT Applications.
  • Generator Compatible.


Technical Specifications

Input Voltage (Standard range) 110 V ~ 280 V
Input Voltage (Narrow range) 180V ~ 265 V
Output Voltage (Mains Mode) Same as Input
Output Voltage (UPS Mode) 180~230 V (± 10V)
Output Waveform (Mains Mode) Same as Input
Output Waveform (UPS Mode) Pure Sinewave
Switchover from Mains to UPS and UPS to Mains Automatic
UPS Transfer Time ≤ 15 msec.
Design Micro Controller Based Design
Battery Charging Current 17 Amps ± 3 Amps
UPS Overload / UPS Short-circuit ≥110% / ≥ 300%
Browns on Mains Voltage 100V ± 10V
Efficiency (Battery Mode) > 80%
Auto Reset Feature Yes
Input DC Range 21 V ~ 28.4 V


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