Circuit Protection Devices

Intelligent, automatic and reliable are the three words that define the circuit breaker range from Microtek. A fundamental in every circuitry, circuit breakers play an essential role in safeguarding you and your home from any mishaps due to over current, overload or short circuit. They are used to control, master and regulate the electrical power systems. Choose from a range of the best electrical products from Microtek and safeguard yourself & your appliances well in advance before any mishap.


Microtek Miniature Circuit Breakers are the solution to the ever-changing need of electrical distribution in different sectors like residential, commercial and industrial. They are designed to provide improved operational safety, better continuity of service, lower operating cost, and greater convenience.


Microtek Isolators are high grade switch disconnectors used generally at both ends of circuit breaker. They make, carry, and break currents under normal circuit conditions including overload or specific abnormal circuit conditions such as short circuit for a specified time.


Microtek RCCB is one of our safety solution designed to protect the consumers from fatal electric shocks and prevent fire caused by earth faults. The RCCB is a mechanical switching device that carries and breaks current under normal service conditions and to causes the opening of the contacts when the leakage current attains a given value under specified conditions. The high quality insulation and wires adds to the safety of consumer.

Distribution Boards

Microtek Distribution Boards are designed keeping in mind the perfomance and the looks. They ensure that current is properly distributed to all the devices allowing proper functioning.
Microtek Distribution Board are aesthetically elegant and blend in with walls. They make for a perfect fit for circuitry in homes, offices or any other place.

Off-Load Changeover Switches

Microtek now presents a high-quality range of Off-Load changeover switches. Microtek's changeover switches facilitate uninterrupted power supply from one source of power to an alternative source easily and comfortably. Due to its compact design consisting of manually front opened four pole switches, changeover switches require less space in panel boards. In short, changeover switches provide great flexibility in operation, ensure continuity of supply and are a safe, reliable, and durable solution. Our Offload Changeover Switches are supplied in powder-coated steel sheet enclosures, side operated with three positions: I-O-II

Re-Wireable Fuse Switch Units

Our every Rewirable Switch Fuse Unit is finely designed in our world-class factory units to ensure that it gives long-lasting service to our customers. All the products manufactured in our unit are extremely robust in structure and offer a high level of output. Technical accuracy and optimal strength are some of the chief features of our products.
Rewirable Switch Fuse Units are used for distributing power and protecting electrical devices and cables from damage due to fluctuations. This fuse unit is housed in an enclosure made using a quality CR steel sheet. The fuse units are stringently tested in compliance with the IS: 10027 and IS: 13947 parts 1 and 3.

DP MCB with Enclosure

Microtek launches Mini DP MCB with Enclosures, compact aesthetic protection device which provides protection against overload & short circuit with help of MCB. It is designed for quick and easy installation.

Spike Guards

Microtek's spike guard is an appliance designed to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes. It comes with auto resettable overload protection, voltage surge protection and a cable length of 1.5 meter & 2.0 meter.  

Multiplug Adaptor

Microtek's multi-plug adapter is made of high-quality plastic that ensures it is not damaged very easily while an amazing power output makes the adapter an amazing source of power consumption for all your devices and appliances.