Jumbo/Home ups

Specially designed for running higher loads for longer hours, the Microtek’sHigh-Capacity UPS Jumbo Series comes with smart Overload Sense, Short Circuit Protection and Pure Sinewave Output that makes it a perfect power backup for home delivering what it promises – A Power-Packed Series with Uninterrupted Backup!

Microtek Jumbo UPS High-Capacity Series is Micro Processor based PWM Technology, using Hi-Grade Mosfets/IGBTs. These are Static UPS with LCD Display, Pure Sinewave Output and Inbuilt TDR (Time Delay Relay).

Jumbo/Home ups
>DSC based intelli Pure Sinewave JUMBO UPS

DSC based intelli Pure Sinewave JUMBO UPS

The UPS JUMBO Series is specially designed for Small Offices and Home Applications.

Microtek JUMBO UPS are DSC based Intelli Pure Sinewave using Latest State-of-the-art Technology UPS for Better Performance and High Reliability.

>Hi-Grade IGBT based JUMBO UPS

Hi-Grade IGBT based JUMBO UPS

Microtek JUMBO Hi-Capacity UPS  are DSP based PWM Technology using Hi-Grade IGBT’s.

The JUMBO Hi-Capacity UPS is specially designed for running Industrial Load and High Capacity Sophisticated Appliances. 

Microtek JUMBO Hi-Capacity UPS are best suited for Appliances with Motor and Compressor Load that requires High Surge Current.

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