Inverter Battery

Microtek Inverter Batteries are designed with ADC - Advanced Dura Core technology for reliable power backup.  It is built to provide high durability and prolonged performance without compromising on the battery life. ADC also ensures quicker power availability and reduced charging time. Microtek batteries are reliable for uninterrupted power supply for residential and commercial purpose.

Inverter Battery


Dura SMART a series of Microtek inverter batteries are made for enhancing durability, performance, and efficiency. This technology is designed to improve the battery's ability to handle deep discharges, ensuring longevity and reliability for residential and commercial places.

>Dura LONG


Microtek's Dura Long series presents inverter batteries that are made to ensure prolonged use. These Inverter batteries provide better backup power, ultra-low maintenance and reliable performance. With minimal self-discharge, they assure sustained efficiency for various applications demanding durable and dependable power sources.



Dura Prime a series of Microtek inverter battery ensures prolonged service life, which is offering consistent backup power and low maintenance. This has rapid charging ability, which reliable energy for various applications that demand consistent and durable power sources.



Microtek's Dura Strong inverter battery guarantees an extended service life, delivering consistent backup power and ultra-low maintenance. With fast recharge capabilities, it ensures unwavering performance, minimal self-discharge and steadfast reliability, making it an ideal choice for uninterrupted power supply.



Microtek's DuraSTRONG+ inverter battery, featuring Advanced Dura Core (ADC) technology, boasts ultra-low maintenance, rapid recharge, and a super tubular design. With 99.98% pure lead, it ensures robust and efficient power delivery, ideal for various energy needs. 

>Dura MAX

Dura MAX

Dura MAX Microtek inverter battery shine with ultra-low maintenance which has to Low Antimony alloy. Their versatility in various conditions stems from a wide operating temperature range, ensuring durable and reliable performance during power outages.

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