MICROTEK has In-House R&D, managed by highly motivated, professionally qualified and experienced world class team of professionals, headed by IITians, and is strongly dedicated to provide technologically advanced and high quality products.

MICROTEK’s R&D is fully equipped with State-Of-The-Art World Class sophisticated testing equipments. The R&D is continuously working on products development as per changing products usage criteria and for users benefit by making the products more and more efficient.


Battery Auto Sensing

The current models of Microtek UPS have New smart Charger design, which automatically adjusts the Battery Cut-off Voltage, which results into Proper Battery Charging, Less Battery Heating and Greater Battery Life.

Higher Ups Efficiency

Microtek’s R&D team has excelled once again. The UPS Efficiency will now be 90%. This will result into Less Power Loss, Reduced Heating, Higher Power Output Delivery and LONG BACK-UP.

Solar Pcu Series

Microtek’s R&D Team is working on the future series of UPS, which will be Solar Charge Controller. In these models the Efficiency will be as high as 94%.

New Products Development

Microtek’s R&D Team has a exclusive team, fully dedicated for developing new products, which can be more efficient.

High Frequency Ups

Coming soon are the New Generation, Transformer less Technology based UPS. Designed for Noiseless and Sinewave Performance. Specially designed to suit Indian Power Conditions.