Lead Free Flame Retardant Wires

LFFR wires are made of no-chemical Lead Free PVC insulation that ensures that they are safe for the environment. Its flame retardant property elevates the oxygen index which prevents the fire from spreading. They are used for internal electrification and power supply to all electrically connected equipment.


LF FR stands for Lead Free Flame Retardant Insulation. Keeping in line with Microtek's policy of manufacturing products that are safe for the environment, Lead Free PVC insulation ensures that the cable does not contain any chemical that might be harmful to the environment. Flame Retardant property ensures that the oxygen index required for PVC to support combustion is elevated to 29, as a result of which the cable retards the flame from spreading.

E.T.P Grade Copper used for Constructing Wire "conductor"

MICROTEK' wires & cables use ETP grade annealed copper which is more than 99.97% pure and has 101% conductivity (IACS). 

  • **Current Rating (Amp.) at 20°C (as per IS-3961:1968-Part-?)
  • *Conductor Shall be class-5 as per IS-8130:2013.
  • Conductor resistance as per IS-8130:2013 is the governing criteria


  • Conductor: Plain annealed copper conducator as per IS-8130:2013.
  • Insulation: Primary -Natural LF PVC with FR Property,  Secondary - Skin colour coated LF PVC with FR Property 
  • Colour: Red | BLACK | BLUE | YELLOW | GREEN
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