Low Frequency iMAXX Series (3 PH IN -1 PH OUT) Transformer Based Online UPS

Pure Sinewave Output Ratings starting from 15KVA to 20KVA Micro Processor based PWM Technology using Hi-Grade IGBTs Advance Battery Management (ABM) for Longer Battery Life and Quick Charging Static UPS with LCD Display Best Suited for most High Capacity Sophisticated IT Applications. Generator Compatible. In-built TDR (Time Delay Relay).


  • DSP Technology with IGBT Based Inverter.
  • Smart LCD Display for Real-time Information.
  • CVCF (Constant Voltage Constant Frequency) Operational Without Battery.
  • Adjustable Battery Number (29, 30, 31 & 32 Numbers) in all 360V Models.
  • Immune to Reverse Phase Sequence & no Neutral Operation.
  • Hot Stand-by, Cold Start Features Available.
  • Built-In Maintenance Bypass & Static Bypass Switches.
  • Configurable Output Voltage Setting.
  • Input Filter for Power factor 0.9 (Optional) Available.
  • Conformal Coated PCB Assemblies to withstand Harsh Environment.
  • Inbuilt Charger of 20 Amps. , Parallel Redundancy & Battery Reverse Protection in all 360V Models.
  • Alarm for Mute Mode and SNMP Card (Optional)
  • Over Temperature Indication & Protection.
  • Output Frequency Fixed at 50Hz or can be synchronized with Input Frequency.
  • Generator Compatible. Generator Capacity Required for Stand-By Source Should be 2.5 time of the UPS Capacity.
  • RS-232 & USB Port available in all Models. RS-485 Port only available in 360 V Models.
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