MPPT Based Solar PCU

Microtek MPPT BASED SOLAR PCU  is designed to utilize maximum use of Solar Energy.

If there is excess of Solar Energy Generation from PV then it charges the Battery and simultaneously it supplies the Power to the Load.

Key Features

  • MPPT based State-of-the-art Latest Technology for Optimum Performance.
  • Pure Sine wave Output to run all Sophisticated Appliances.
  • User-Friendly LCD Display.
  • Operates on both Solar Power as well as Grid Power.
  • Intelligent Sharing of Grid Current with Solar in case of Solar Energy Shortfall.
  • MPPT with Intelli Current Boost Technology.
  • Designed to give maximum benefit from Solar Energy & minimize your Electricity Bill.
  • Priority Selection Option for Solar / Battery / Grid
  • Peak Output Power handling capacity.
  • Intelli Overload sense with Short Circuit Protection.
  • Battery Deep Discharge Pickup Capability.
  • Grid Charging Enable-Disable setting from the Front Panel to provide “No Charging of Battery from the Grid”.
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