Hi-Grade IGBT based JUMBO UPS

Microtek JUMBO Hi-Capacity UPS  are DSP based PWM Technology using Hi-Grade IGBT’s.

The JUMBO Hi-Capacity UPS is specially designed for running Industrial Load and High Capacity Sophisticated Appliances. 

Microtek JUMBO Hi-Capacity UPS are best suited for Appliances with Motor and Compressor Load that requires High Surge Current.

Key Features:

• Pure Sinewave Output
• Ratings starting from 6500i (96V) to 11000i (180V)
• Micro Processor based PWM Technology using Hi-Grade IGBTs
• Advance Battery Management (ABM) for Longer Battery Life and Quick Charging
• LCD Display
• Peak Current Handling Capacity
• Inbuilt TDR (Time Delay Relay)
• Generator Compatible

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