Three Pole Pro (TP)

Three Pole Pro (TP) State of the art design: Elegant appearance, cover and handle in arc shape for comfortable operation. Contact position indicating window (Clear ON-OFF indicator) Three level indications For ON, OFF & TRIP (Under Fault)


  • STATE OF THE ART DESIGN - Microtek Design is aesthetically superior and Built in with features like Center dolly. Clear marking o the technical parameters ON/Off Symbol Along. This Marking also help to enhance the design appeal of this range 
  • EXCEPTIONAL ENDURANCE - The Products have been tested at high Electrical Mechanical endurance with the ambient Temperature of -5C to +55C. 
  • ENERGY LIMITING CLASS ?- To ensure low let through energy to limit thermal and mechanical stress on cables. 
  • BREAKING CAPACITY- The Devices in the range have a Breaking capacity of 10kA. 
  • SPECIALLY DESIGNED ATC CHAMBER - 13 Plates ARC chute for effective ARC Quenching. 
  • CONTACT INDICATION WINDOW- the Products are designed by considering user Friendliness into mind. The Visual Indications Help users to identify the positions of MCB, RED =ON, GREEN =OFF. 
  • BI CONNECT THERMINALS- the Terminal size in devices adds convenience and Flexibility while wiring. The 25 Sq. mm Terminals are Designed to hold Cables Tightly Which Avoids loose Connection the BI-Connect Terminals Provides the Flexibility by allowing the Lines to be Connected Through wires and Bus Bars. 
  • PROTECTION IP-20- We Realize the Importance of safety and have Designed the range in such a way that no live parts are exposed to human contact, thus making devices safe to use. 
  • DUAL POSTION CLAMP- the Dual Positions Clamp Help in easy Mounting and Unmounting of the MCB. 
  • TRIP-FREE MECHANISM- the MCB Trip Even if Knob is Held in on Position. 
  • AIR FLOW CHANNEL- the Special air Flow Channels on the MCBs Allow the air to come out and helps to maintain the temperature inside while MCBs are adjoined with each other in the Dbs.
  • ISI/ CE MARKING- the ISI Marking on Our Range Guarantees That Our Products have passed all Quality Check and are the Safest Choice.
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