Microtek Isolators are high grade switch dis-connectors used generally at both ends of the circuit breaker. They make, carry, and break currents under normal circuit conditions including overload or specific abnormal circuit conditions such as short circuit for a specified time.

State-of-the-art design – Microtek design is aesthetically superior and built in with the features like center dolly, clear marking of the technical parameters, On/Off symbols along with the brand and the range name. This marking also helps to enhance the design appeal of this range.

Exceptional Endurance – The products have been tested at high electrical mechanical endurance, with the ambient temperature of -5 °C to +55 °C.

Contact Indication Window – The products are designed by considering user friendliness into mind. The visual indications helps users to identify the positions of Isolator. RED = ON, Green = OFF.

Bi Connect Terminals – The terminal size in devices adapts convenience and flexibility while wiring. The 25/35 sq. mm terminals are designed to hold cables tightly to avoid loose connection. The bi-connect terminals provides flexibility by allowing the lines to be connected through wires and bus bars.

Protection IP-2O – We  realize the importance of safety and have designed the range in such a way that no live parts are exposed to human contact, thus making devices safe to use.

Dual Position Clamp – The dual position clamps help in easy mounting and unmounting of the Isolator.

Air Flow Channel – The special air flow channels on the Isolators allow the air to come out and help to maintain the temperature inside while Isolators/MCBs are adjoined with each other in the DBs.

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