RCCB Double Pole (DP)

Microtek Residual Current circuit breaker provide a regional circuit breaker and can protect people from indirect contacts as well as additional protection for direct contacts. It can also prevent fire hazards due to sealing errors. Current circuit breakers (RCCB) are used in housing, higher education and industry.


  • TRIP INDICATION WINDOW – Provided With Trip Indication Window Which Turns Red in Case of any Trip Due to Fault, Signaling to Check the Electrical Circuit For any Leakage.
  • Bi CONNECT TERMINALS – The Terminal Size in Devices Adapts Convenience and Flexibility While Wiring. The 25sq mm Terminals are designed to hold Cables tightly are designed to Hold Cable Tightly to avoid loose Connection. The Bi-Connect Terminal Provides the Flexibility by allowing the Lines to be connected through Wires and Bus Bars.
  • PROTECTION IP-20 – We Realize The Importance of Safety and have Designed the range in Such a way That no Live Parts are Exposed to Human Contact, thus making Devices Safe to use.
  • TEST BUTTON ‘T’ – A Test Circuit Included with the Residual Current Devices Ensures That the Reliability of RCCB is tested. When the Test Button is pushed the Current Starts to Flow through the Test Circuits. As it creates an imbalance on the neutral coil of the devices, the RCCB trips and Supply is disconnected thereby checking RCCB’s Reliability.
  • SUPERIOR SENSITIVITY & RAPID OPERATING MECHANISM – Superior Sensitivity to the Core to Sense the Faults & Danger Swiftly as they Approach the Circuits to Occur with on Time Operation Agility.
  • Range -  25A - 63A
  • Execution - Double Ploe (DP) / Four Pole (FP)
  • Specification - IS 12640 Part 1 / IEC 61008-1 / EN 61008-1
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