Microtek Single Pole Neutral Distribution Board - Double Door Pro Model  is an advanced system for supplying electricity to any commercial or residential organization. A large cable goes into the distribution board and then with the breakers distributed to the second circuit as lamps and plugs. For everything to work properly, it is necessary to maintain the proper distribution of energy and is essential for the safety of the home and the operation of equipment.

  • MODERN DESIGN - The Elegant and seek Design of Our Products Blend Well the Décor of every Home to accentuate the looks.
  • BOX INSERTION MARKS - The Insertion Marks are Clearly Placed on the Products to help the mason in Successful Error – Free Installation. The Right and Left side marks Help in identifying the Bricks and Plaster Level Respectively.
  • DURABLE SLIDING KNOB - The Knob is made of Superior Quality Plastic That Prevents Rust and Also Help is smooth Operation with Just a Little Push of a Finger.
  • KEY TYPE MOUNTING HOLES - The Flexibility of our Products is enhanced with the Key Type Mounting Holes that allow the use of either screws or nail at the time of Mounting of the Distribution Board.
  • CIRCUITS IDENTIFICATION LABELS - The Labels are provided with Every Distribution Board that makes it Easier for user to identify the Modular devices Linked to a Particular Circuits.
  • DETACHABLES GLAND PLATES - Each Distributions Board, Depending on its Size has certain number of knockouts to accommodate conduit, but in case you want to add more or bigger conduits, Microtek Distribution Board Facilitate removal of Glad plate to Accommodate Conduits.
  • REMOVALABLE INNER SHIELD - Distribution Board are provided with Removable inner Shield which help in easy wiring and Maintenance Operations without removing the front door of the DB.
  • REMOVABLE PAN ASSEMBLY - Completely Removable pan Assembly, Give the Freedom to fit the parts Outside DB by installing on Pan Assembly.
  • CEMENT SPILL PROTECTOR - Each Distribution Board with the Cement Spill Protector to Protect the Components Form Cement during Plastering.
  • DOOR EARTHING - Ensure Max Safe Working
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