Technology that charges up every journey, E-rickshaw is the new lifeline that helps people travel shorter distances in lesser time. It also helps in giving livelihood to many families. Our E-rickshaw battery charger gives you turbocharging. It retains the charge of the battery for long hours, which helps cover extra miles.


  • Quick Cut Technology.
  • Multi-Stage Charging with Micro Controller Based Monitoring & Control.
  • Suitable for All Battery Brands & 30% Faster Charging.
  • Stabilizes Battery Gravity & Extends Battery Life.
  • Gives Extra Mileage & Less Water Topping.
  • Wide Oper. AC Input Range 90V-300V.
  • Highest Power Factor up to 0.99
  • User-Friendly LED Indicators, show Battery Charging Status in percentage.
  • Revives Deep Discharge Batteries from as Low as 6.25V per Battery.
  • In-built Overcharge Protection & Over Temperature Protection.
  • Reverse Battery Polarity Protection.
  • Protection against Input Spike & In-Rush Current.
  • Short Circuit & Overload Protection.
  • Air-Cool Design with Sturdy Aluminium Housing.
  • In-built Spark Free Connector.
  • Shockproof, Compact, Lightweight & Portable.
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