5 LPM Oxygen Concentrator

Microtek  OXYFLOW  is  an  oxygen  concentrator, a  type  of  medical  device  used  for  delivering  oxygen  to individuals with breathing-related disorders. Individuals whose oxygen concentration in their blood is lower than normal often require an oxygen concentrator to supplement the same.


  • Rugged & Durable - Flame retardant thermo plastic moulded cabinet for strength & durability.
  • Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology - Uses pressure swing adsorption technology, which ensures quality oxygen production.
  • Audio Alarm - Audio alarm for high/low pressure, power failure & air blockers.
  • User Friendly Is portable, user-friendly, safe, quiet & reliable.
  • Nebulization Therapy Built-in atomizing device for atomizing therapy.
  • Purity Indication - It has built-in purity indication & hour meter, guarantees oxygen purity >90%
  • Water Trap Mechanism - It has a unique mechanism to trap penetrating water molecules.
  • Secure, Reliable & Energy Efficient - Gas circuit is controlled by low pressure system which ensures secured & reliable operation and is energy efficient.
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