Microtek Nebulizer is a Medical Devices the Changes Medication from a Liquid to a Mist so you can inhale it into your lungs. Microtek Nebulizer Come in table top model. Ideal for home Nebulization and also for use clinic and Hospital. You have to use Power from an Electronic Outlet.

Microtek Nebulizer are Designed with Latest State-of-the –art Technology for Optimum Delivery of Medicine into the Lungs and Provide Fast Relief.

Respiratory infections can be in the lower and upper Tract. Both may require appropriate treatment with nebulization in order to obtain immediate relief. The Microtek nebulizer turns the liquid medicine into a mist to help treat your asthma or cold. They come in electric or battery-powered models. They come with a portable size that you can carry and a large size designed to sit on a table and connect to a wall. Both are composed of a base with an air compressor, a small container for liquid medicine, and a tube that connects the air compressor to a medicine container. On top of the medicine container is a mouthpiece or mask that you use to smell the mist. Microtek carries a line of compressor & Ultrasonic based Nebulizers with the following features to help you breathe better.


  • Piston compressor nebulizers
  • For effective medication delivery
  • Ideal for cold, asthma treatment
  • Quiet operation
  • Can be disinfected
  • Ideal for all ages
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