Superior Black Edition High Grade Spike Guard with 2 Meter Cable

Superior High Grade Spike Guard with 2 Meter Cable BLACK EDITION SPIKE Guards offer multiple sockets for connecting electrical and electronic devices. In addition, they also provide protection against spikes which can occur from time to time and Microtek Spike Guard Provides Multiple Feature like Fuse Blown Indicator, High Power MOV for Protection, Power ON/OFF Indicator, Heavy Brass Connector, Child Safety Shutters, and Fuse Protection etc.

  • The Spike Guard comes with a cable of 2 m length.
  • The Spike Guard can be used to connect multiple pins of electronic devices from various countries.
  • The brass strip construction ensures a long product life.
  • VDR protection ensures the safety of your device from any surge in the current up to the rated value.
  • The outer housing is made of a fire retardant material.
  • ON/OFF Individual Switch & Power on Indicator
  • 4 Universal Shuttered Sockets with Child safety Shutters
  • Fuse & High Power MOV for Protection.
  • Heavy Duty Brass Connection
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