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Solar Power Products for Homes & Business

Solar Power Products for Homes & Business

As one becomes accustomed to modern day lifestyle, it is impossible to even to imagine a day without power. With the higher demand for power, load shredding or in other words power failure has become a commonplace. It, therefore, is imperative that one looks for alternative power sources. It is natural to seek refuge to the greenest energy source, namely solar energy, for the same. Sun has enough fuel to continuously emit energy for 30 billion years by virtue of the process of fusion of four Hydrogen nuclei to form one Helium nuclei through the Carbon cycle. It is just the matter of applying innovative technology to harness the solar energy most efficiently and cost-effectively.

For the purpose of tapping solar energy, one of the most effective ways is to convert solar energy into electrical energy. This is done by using a solar panel which works on the principle of photovoltaic cells. The solar panels are then protected with glass plates and equipped with reflectors to maximize the power received. One problem with solar energy harnessing is that solar energy is available in the daytime only. Therefore, the harnessed energy has to be stored in batteries or added to the grid through the process of Net Metering. There are providers of solar power products available in the market. Microtek is one such provider with a great reputation. They have a range of products for solar power harnessing and distribution to the appliances. Microtek provides services to Homes as well as business. Following is a list of products to make solar power harnessing and utilization a comfortable venture –

Solar PV Modules: Solar PV module is the main component that converts solar energy to solar power. Microtek’s Solar PV modules come with Positive power Tolerance, Advance IP67/IP68 Junction Box for long-term weather endurance, and EVA Encapsulation and Anti Reflection Coating for better Module Protection. These Eco-Friendly modules are based on innovative semiconductor technology to ensure high conversion efficiency. They are ideal for Off-Grid as well as On-Grid Applications.

Solar Grid Tied System: Solar Grid Tied System enables exporting excess electricity from Solar panel to Utility Grid if there is active Net Metering Policy in State. Microtek’s M-Sun Solar Grid-Tied System comes in varied capacities ranging from 1KW to 10 KW. Further, Microtek M-Sun Solar Bi-directional Hybrid System also enables Net Metering by connecting to the grid and additionally comes with the functionality to store energy in a battery.

Solar Management Unit: Solar Management Units are usually microcontroller based micro-controller based high-efficiency devices best suited for low-power applications. The micro-controller senses the battery full-charge voltage and it cuts off the battery from charging when it reached full charge status. It reconnects the battery if the battery charge drops to a preset level.

Solar Uninterrupted Power Supply: Solar UPS ensures uninterrupted power by using solar power to charge the battery. They are usually Integrated with in-built 30Amp Smart Solar Charge Controller.

Solar Unidirectional Hybrid UPS: Solar Unidirectional Hybrid UPS comes with the functionality that if there is an excess of Solar Energy Generation from PV then it charges the Battery and simultaneously it supplies the Power to the Load.

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