Solar Products

The sun is the most well distributed natural source of energy and solar power harnesses this abundant resource. As energy conservation is the need of the hour, Solar energy based applications are fast catching-up. Microtek’s Solar range provides access to this free source of solar energy which is green, reliable, and pollution free. The Solar Offering range includes Solar UPS, Solar Panels, Solar PCU, Solar Bi-directional Grid Tied PCU. Microtek products are manufactured in State-of-the-art automatic

Super Fast Charging
More Battery Life
More Backup

Solar Grid-Tied System

Microtek M-SUN SOLAR GRID-TIED SYSTEM is a system with Grid-Tie functionality.
MPPT Based Technology Grid Tie Wall mounted Solar System that converts Solar Energy into Electricity. plusclose

Excess Generation of Electricity from Solar Panel will be exported to Utility Grid if there is active Net Metering Policy in State.

Key Features:
  • Max 97% Efficiency, Real Time Precise MPPT algorithm for BEST Performance.
  • Plug & Play Easy Installation & Maintenance, IP65 for Free Site Selection.
  • 4” LCD Display, Interface Selection, RS485 for System Monitoring.
  • Intelligent Grid Management, Reactive Power Capability & Self Power Reducer when Over Frequency. Remote Active/Reactive Power Limit Control.
  • SD Card inside for Life Long Data Storage upto 25 Years.

Solar BI-Directional Hybrid System

Microtek M-SUN SOLAR BI-DIRECTIONAL HYBRID SYSTEM is a system with Grid-Tie functionality and Dual Power Inputs. MPPT Based Technology

Solar UNI-Directional Hybrid UPS

Microtek M-SUN SOLAR UNI-DIRECTIONAL HYBRID UPS is designed to utilize maximum use of Solar Energy. If there is excess of Solar Energy Generation from PV

Solar UPS

Microtek M-SUN SOLAR UPS is Gen-Next Sinewave Hybrid Solar UPS is based on DSP Technology.

It is Integrated with in-built 30Amp Smart Solar Charge Controller. Solar Over Current handling Capacity upto 20%. plusclose

It has Dual Charging Mode with Current Sharing: GRID & SOLAR Mode.
It has Grid Charging Enable/Disable Slide Switch.

It has Long Battery Life as Sunlight directly converts into Pure Direct Current (DC).

It has Smart and Normal Solar Charging Slide Switch Selection.

Solar Panel Compatible for 12V:45W to 600W & 24V:100W to 1200W.

Solar PV Modules

Microtek – India’s ‘Most Preferred’ and ‘Most Awarded’ Brand, has Launched range of Solar PV Modules to promote Green and Renewable Source of Energy. plusclose

Sailent Features
  • Positive Power Tolerance Modules.
  • Highly Classified A-Grade Solar Cells for Lesser Degradation and High Energy.
  • Micro Crack Free Panels-100% EL Tested Before and After Lamination.
  • High Conversion Efficiency based on Leading Innovative Photo Voltaic Technologies.
  • PID Free Modules with Long Term Reliability.
  • Advance IP67/IP68 Junction Box for long-term weather endurance.
  • RFID Tag Available.
  • Sustain Heavy Wind and Snow Loads (2400Pa and 5400Pa).
  • Excellent Performance in Low Light.
  • Salt Mist, Ammonia, Blowing Sand and Hail Resistant.
  • Ideal for Off-Grid as well as On-Grid Applications.
  • IP67 rated MC4 Compatible Connectors.
  • EVA Encapsulation and Anti Reflection Coating for better Module Protection.
  • Undergoes Rigorous Quality Control and more than 20 in-house tests, (DH: Damp Heat Test. TC: Thermal Cycling Test. HF: Humidity Freeze Test.).
  • Heavy duty Anodized Aluminum Frames with pre-drilled holes for Quick Installation.
  • Manufactured with Premium Quality Input Materials.
  • Eco-Friendly.

PWM Solar management Unit

Microtek’s, micro-controller based high-efficiency SMU (Solar management unit) is best suited for low-power applications.


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