UPS E²+  1825 (24V)

UPS E²+ 1825 (24V)

SKU: 899-030-1825 | Category: Inverter/Home Ups

Microtek UPS E²+ 1825 is Super Energy Efficient Series.

It is designed using latest state-of-the art Technology. It has Inbuilt Battery Water Level Indicator, which ensures timely Water Topping for Longer Life of the Battery. It is Specially Designed to give Longer Backups in Long Power cut/Rural Areas.

It has Battery Selection Switch to get Equal Performance from all types of Batteries like Tubular/Flat Plate/ Local Battery.

100 in stock
Weight 17.5kg
Dimensions (L W H) 43.3x46.3x23.2

₹10590 ₹8000

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