Mainline Stabilizers For Mains

All MICROTEK automatic voltage stabilizers for home use are based on SAVE POWER Technology, and have many Unique Features which enable them to give High Performance, Better Reliability and SAVE Electricity.

MICROTEK has Range of Energy Efficient Digital Voltage Stabilizers for Mains with Output Load Current Carrying Capacity from 6A to 30A, suitable for all kinds of Power and Voltage conditions. No need to install separate Stabilizers for Appliances after installing Microtek Stabilizer in Mains. They have a separate MCB for Bypassing the unit if required.

Mainline Stabilizers For Mains


Microtek has introduced EML Series for Mainline Digital Automatic Voltage Stabilizer with micro processor technology. This is designed with the latest technology with reduced no-load losses to ensure efficient running of the Mainline and other appliances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is possible to install an AC stabilizer over the mainline if it s capable to carry the load. A Mainline Voltage Stabilizer is equipment that consumers can use to connect to the line which brings power to the home. Moreover, these stabilizers make sure the power originating from home is always stable. It is easy to install an AC stabilizer over the mainline if the capacity is enough to carry the load. The majority of mainline voltage stabilizers work as per the same principle. Moreover, they respond to over or under-voltage by increasing or decreasing the voltage.

The Mainline Voltage Stabilizer For Home is effectively installed amongst the main power supply of a home and connected home appliance. This kind of stabilizer is uniquely designed to smoothen voltage fluctuations originating from the main power supply. Constant power supply is delivered to the connected devices. Within the operating range of your device, a constant electricity supply is provided. So, it avoids unnecessary damage because of overloading. The longevity of home appliances increases. You can directly connect a mainline voltage stabilizer to the main power line entering your home. The usage requirements of the whole home is fulfilled.

Out of different Mainline Stabilizers in the market, Microtek EML3090+ is the best Mainline Voltage Stabilizer. Microtek is one of the most acknowledged and awarded companies in the country in terms of electrical & electronic component manufacturer.
This stabilizer comes with the maximum load capacity of 3KVA. It is enough for a small household having restricted usage of appliances. A distinct MCB is placed helping you to bypass the stabilizer when you want to operate a heavy load. A digital display is included to show important information. The safety cutoff is implemented for low as well as high voltages.

If you want to get a 10KVA mainline voltage stabilizer for home, you should know its cost. Typically, its cost is around 20,000. It is integrated with the zero-cross switching technology with a highly efficient Toroidal transformer. Compact design saves the space around. Other features include automatic low & high cut off, auto start, initial time delay, built-in changeover / by-pass facility with MCB, heavy-duty connection terminals, multifunctional digital display, and more.

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