Solar Solutions

Microtek provides a wide range of solar products for retail and commercial users. Our objective is to provide customers with easy access to solar energy & reduce their dependency on traditional sources of energy. Microtek Solar products are manufactured using the most recent solar technologies to deliver optimal results. Our products are tested and certified as per leading industry certification standards and have carved a strong market position in a short span of time.

Our range of innovative solar products include PV Modules, PCUs, SMUs & Solar combo packages.

PV Modules

Microtek – India’s ‘Most Preferred’ and ‘Most Awarded’ Brand, has Launched range of Solar PV Modules to promote Green and Renewable Source of Energy.

Solar Management Units

Microtek Solar Management Unit (SMU) converts any existing inverter into solar system. It has in-built intelligence to maximize use of solar energy and is ideal for various DC voltages.

Solar Power Conditioning Units

Our highly efficient Solar Power Conditioning Units has 2 modes of operation:

  1. Solar mode: helps minimize electricity bill
  2. Normal mode: to maximize power availability

The load is automatically powered from either the inverter or the grid depending on the availability of solar energy and status of the battery. Similarly, the grid charger/solar charger comes ON depending on the battery charge status and availability of solar energy. The solar charger is prioritized over the grid charger always.

Grid-Tied Solar Inverters

Hybrid ON-GRID UPS System