Solar Solutions

Microtek provides a wide range of solar products for retail and commercial users. Our objective is to provide customers with easy access to solar energy & reduce their dependency on traditional sources of energy. Microtek Solar products are manufactured using the most recent solar technologies to deliver optimal results. Our products are tested and certified as per leading industry certification standards and have carved a strong market position in a short span of time.

Our range of innovative solar products include

  • PV Modules
  • Power Conditioning Units (PCU)
  • Solar Management Unit (SMU)
  • Grid Tied Invereter (GTI)
  • Solar combo packages.

Solar Solutions
Solar PV Modules

Solar PV Modules

Microtek - India’s ‘Most Popular’ and ‘Most Rewarded’ Offerings, has launched the Solar PV Panel to promote Green and Renewable Energy Sources. We all know that solar energy is an unlimited renewable energy source that does not produce CO2 or other gases, because it does not consume fuel or need other resources, such as water or air.

Solar Management Units

Solar Management Units

Microtek introduces a new and unique Solar System For Home device 'Solar Management Unit ". SMU (solar management unit) is a special and unique Indian device that converts your simple Inverter into a Solar Inverter
Microtek introduces a new and unique device 'Solar Management Unit ". SMU (solar management unit) is a special and unique Indian device that converts your simple Inverter into a Solar Inverter.

Solar Power Conditioning Units

Solar Power Conditioning Units

Our highly efficient Solar Power Conditioning Units has 2 modes of operation:

   Solar mode: helps minimize electricity bill
   Normal mode: to maximize power availability

The load is automatically powered from either the inverter or the grid depending on the availability of solar energy and status of the battery. Similarly, the grid charger/solar charger comes ON depending on the battery charge status and availability of solar energy. The solar charger is prioritized over the grid charger always.

Grid-Tied Solar Solutions

Grid-Tied Solar Solutions

Buy Microtek OnGrid Inverter online in India at Best prices. If you have been looking for Microtek OnGrid Inverter dealers or Purchasing, your search ends here as you can find the best Microtek OnGrid Inverter distributors in high-end cities.

Microtek's solar-powered solar system, also known as the on-grid solar system, is the most widely distributed solar system in the world. These systems do not require batteries and are connected to a power grid.
Ideal for customers with stable grid power and low power cuts. Apart from homes, even educational institutions, industrial units, commercial areas use these systems as their primary source of energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

To get the maximum benefit of solar energy, you need to look for the Top Solar Panel Manufacturers In India. Microtek is the< ahr Best Solar Panel Manufacturers In India. It offers a broad range of solar products for commercial and retail users. Its aim is to serve customers with easy access to solar energy and decrease their dependency on traditional energy sources.
Solar products from Microtek are manufactured through innovative solar technologies to provide optimal results. The range of their solar products includes Power Conditioning Units (PCU), Solar Management Unit (SMU), Grid-Tied Inverter (GTI), PV Modules, and Solar combo packages.

When you buy a solar panel from the Best Solar Panel Company In India, you gain many benefits. There are many reliable Solar Panel Manufacturing Companies to provide customers with the maximum benefits. The first benefit of using solar power is financial returns. For switching to solar energy, the government will provide you with tax credits. The low upfront cost is another key benefit of using solar power. Many solar panel manufacturing firms provide affordable payment plans. The third benefit is a cut in utility costs. There will be a reduction in utility costs on heat, cooling, and electricity.

The greatest benefit of installing a solar panel for homes is cost-effectiveness. The Solar Energy Solutions are not so costly as the typical electricity. This is a key benefit for many people. The clean energy output is another benefit of Solar Power Solutions that makes the investment in solar panels worthy. The emission from such panels is only restricted to the manufacturing process; not after that. Owing to several benefits, solar panels raise the value of your home. Other than massive plates, no other parts are involved.

The average cost of Commercial Solar Panels relies on the number of kilowatts you require to encompass your energy consumption. In this regard, on average, these solar panels cost approx. $251,162. Their average prices typically range from $50,211 to $502,113 in the US. Usually, the cost of a 12v Solar Panel is measured in dollars per watt. The average commercial solar panels system came at the price of $2.87/Watt before any incentives or rebates. Most quotes range from $2.50/Watt to $3.22/Watt.

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