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Automatic Voltage Stabilizers

Power your life with young and energetic microtek voltage stabilizer

Empower everyday life with more power to your home appliances. There is a presence of force or power which regulates the movement of every living and non-living being. Human body needs energy to perform every day to day activity. Have you ever wondered that from where every non-living object draws energy? Every electrical appliance comes [...]
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Lighten and Brighten up This Diwali with an Uninterrupted Power Hub

Diwali or Deepawali is one of the most popular festivals celebrated by Hindus every autumn in the northern hemisphere.  Diwali symbolizes the spiritual “victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance”. It is celebrated to depict a historical event when Lord Rama returned to his homeland from his long 14 years […]

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The idea of human survival revolves around a basic formula of Convention and Invention. Convention includes all the natural gifts that mother earth has selflessly blessed us with. Invention includes all the things that were made by man using his or her intellectual capabilities. To bring in more sustainability, nature and science is taking baby […]

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Buy Microtek High Capacity UPS

5 Reasons Why One Must Buy Microtek High Capacity UPS

Regulating power in the house has become as important as protecting the systems from power faults. A high regulation UPS device has proven to be the most beneficiary devices to set up in a house/ workplace in order to regulate the power from all the possible parameters. A UPS power supply built on IPS technology […]

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Automatic voltage

Era of Automatic Voltage Stabilizers

In the present day scenario when we have already become completely dependent on power for most of our needs including that of air conditioning to a mixer grinder, power backup is imperative. It is important that one chooses the power backup solution carefully. There are a number of factors to look into before arriving at […]

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Digital Voltage Stabilizers: The electronics for today

Digital Voltage Stabilizers: The electronics for today

Let the team of Microtek do what we can for your complete electrical services. If you are looking for Automatic Voltage Stabilizers that are based on Save Power Technology and has many Unique Features. Well then you have reached the right place, power saver technology enables them to give High Performance, Better Reliability and Save […]